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Joey DriverWelcome to the exciting world of California driving!  

A common perception is that California drivers do not have the knowledge or ability to drive safely.  A website focused on California drivers states “I can’t pretend that bad driving is indigenous to or even unique to California (far from it), but it does seem to have much more than its fair share of lethally stupid, maliciously reckless, or just plain careless drivers.  The sad fact about the worst California Drivers is that, as readers keep pointing out, they have all the attitude of the average Boston or New York driver, and none of the ability….” ( Statements like the preceding one are just plain wrong.  If you look at the facts, California drivers are neither more nor less reckless or careless than drivers in any other part of the United States.  However, it is true that, throughout the United States, many drivers do not stay alert and focused on their driving.  They are in a hurry to get to their destination and unhappy with the other drivers on the road.  As a result they do not follow the laws and are more likely to be involved in a collision.  We have focused our lessons on presenting you with knowledge of the California laws and guidelines for safe driving.  If you learn and practice all of the standard traffic safety laws and guidelines we present in this course you will be a safe driver. 
Since one of the factors that assist students in learning is being able to tie the information to a story, we will be presenting the information you need within a story focused on Joey Driver who is a young Californian.  Joey is getting his first license, but the information he needs to become a good driver is identical to the information we all need to refresh our understanding as experienced drivers.  A partial list of the topics we will focus on is: 
  • Recent Changes in and Reasons for Traffic Laws
  • Careless Driving and its Consequences
  • What are a Vehicle Operator’s Responsibilities
  • What are a Pedestrian’s Responsibilities
  • How does a Driver Execute the Many Maneuvers Required when Operating a Motor Vehicle
  • What is the importance of Defensive Driving
  • How does a Vehicle Operator Avoid Collisions
  • How does a Vehicle Operator Deal with Road Rage
  • What are the Distractions that Make Drivers Less Attentive
  • Knowing Your Vehicle 
  • Knowing the Road

Course Objectives
Ultimately, we are concerned with three goals:
  1. Reduce traffic collision involvement.
  2. Reduce traffic law violations.
  3. Reemphasize the responsibilities associated with operating a vehicle.
Although you will find yourself interested in different sections of the course and frustrated by the seemingly trivial nature of other sections, we urge you to give all of the information a chance.  Based on the history of driving over the last century, one thing is clear:
  • The more you know about your vehicle, driving laws, and how to react in the endless situations you will find yourself in while driving, the safer you, your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians around you will be.
In the end, the more you learn about driving, the safer you and your loved ones will be.  Some of the information may seem boringly obvious to you and other information will be new and add to the knowledge that will assist you in becoming a good driver.  Regardless of your enthusiasm, you will need to focus on the course and pass the final exam.  The final exam will consist of 25 questions and it will be an open book exam.  You will be allowed 60 minutes to complete the exam, and you must make a score of 70% or greater to pass.  If you do not make a score of at least 70% on your first try, you will be allowed to retake the test a second time.  The second test will be over the course material but it will not be the same test.  If you do not attain a score of 70% or better on the second attempt, you will need to enroll in any traffic school and complete the traffic violator program.

Course Requirements
We have put together a comprehensive course detailing the nuances of traffic safety and the rules of the road. One way to look at this is to say that this course essentially addresses everything you need to know about driving. We have attempted to keep the course interesting, even though the subject matter can sometimes seem a bit boring.
To complete the course you will be required to:
  • Be involved in each lesson.
  • Participate and be mentally present.
  • Pass a final open book examination consisting of 25 questions with a score of at least 70%.
  • Complete a 5-minute course evaluation form designed by the DMV.  While it is preferred that the student completes the form, a student need only enter his/her name to satisfy this requirement.
Rest assured, by the end of this course you will have all of the information you need to become one of the finest drivers on the California roadways. We hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Did you know:
In Valdosta, Georgia, it is illegal to publicly display a whip that is over five feet in length.

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